About exhibition

Total fair space 1405 sq.m.
Exhibition space 732,75 sq.m.
Total number of exhibitors 38
Geography of exhibitors Ukraine, Turkey
Number of visitors, who filled in the registration form (incl. via Internet)
Total number of visitors 2716
Distribution of visitors according to regions
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 56.50%
Central Region   15.30%
Western Region 13.70%
Southern Region 7.10%
Eastern Region 5.60%
Foreign 1.80%
Position structure of visitors
Owner / Top directors 31.80%
Manager 30.30%
Middle level personnel 19.70%
Private enterpreneur 14.50%
Others 3.70%

* - Data is given by the Statistics Chair of the Kiev National Economic University



  • 2×3 UKRAINE, Ukraine – presentation equipment, advertising mediums
  • 7TOYS, Ukraine – wholesale of items for creative work and stationery for kids
  • ABC Office LTD, Ukraine – leader of the Ukrainian presentation equipment market
  • ANKOR-DA, Ukraine – supply of after printing and office equipment, production of expendable materials for binding and lamination
  • APELSIN, Ukraine – production, wholesale and retail trade with school and office stationery
  • ARNIKA, COMPANY’S GROUP, Ukraine –manufacture, retail and import of high-quality office supplies, computer accessories and cleaners for office equipment
  • ASTREYA XXI, Ukraine - official representative of TM ASSISTANT
  • BRANDBOOK, Ukraine – production of a wide assortment of journals and planners
  • CHASPIK Company, Ukraine – supplier of stationery, business accessories and souvenirs
  • COMPANION GROUP, Ukraine – publisher of Companion business magazine
  • E-SOUVENIR, Ukraine – promotional products and various identification means for them
  • FORM S, Ukraine – wholesale of school and office commodities
  • INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – leading enterprise of the cartographical field
  • KANC AKTIV, TH, Ukraine – regional distributor of goods for school and office
  • KANCPORT.COM.UA, Ukraine – specialized portal for stationery market participants
  • KARANDASH, Magazine, Ukraine – magazine for the stationary and OP market professionals
  • KIDDI-CO, Ukraine – stationery and goods for creativity
  • KOMPASS UKRAINE, Ukraine – the largest B2B search portal in Ukraine
  • KOVALCHUK, Ukraine – manufacture and sale of grade books, folders, price tags, stationery and products with state symbols of Ukraine
  • KS MARKET, Ukraine – stationery and writing instruments 
  • LIVE NOTEBOOK, Ukraine – sale and manufacture of books, puzzles and cards with reviving images
  • LOKSI TH, Ukraine – office goods wholesale and retail trade
  • LUXON, Ukraine – production of all kinds of covers for all types of documents, files, inserts, folders, bulletin-boards, business card holders, badges, albums for coins, etc.
  • MALEVARO GROUP, Ukraine – paper for creative work
  • ODESSA-OPT, Ukraine – wholesale company specializing in stationery & goods for children 
  • ONISHCHENKO V.I., Ukraine – stationery for school and office, scratchpads, artistic products
  • PENSAN KALEM VE KAGIT SAN.TIC.A.S, Turkey – largest and biggest manufacturer of ball pens, gel pens and wooden pencils in Turkey
  • PODILLYA, Publishing House, Ukraine – production of notebooks, albums, office and colored paper, etc.
  • POLIMER, PE, Ukraine – production and realization of covers for textbooks, notebooks, diaries, class magazines, etc.
  • RAYDUGA TRADE/ GAMMA, Ukraine – production of real water-color and gouache paints, plasticine, developing games and blocks for kids
  • ROSA ART & HOBBY MATERIALS, Ukraine – production of art materials for creative people of any professional level
  • SKAT, Ukraine – manufacture of paper and stationery production, polygraphic services
  • STYLE OFFICE, Ukraine – school products, products for creativity and hobby
  • SVITOK TRADE, Ukraine – color and white paper, color paper sets, adhesive tape, etc.
  • TAIS-E, Ukraine – Canon calculators, translators, organizers, Brilliant calculators, etc.
  • TANEKS KAGIT ÜRÜNLERi SANAYi TiC. VE SAN.LTD.STi., Turkey – manufacture of labels
  • TASCOM, Ukraine – production of polymeric films: covers for notebooks, textbooks, diaries, atlases, etc.
  • TETRADA, Ukraine – gouache, plasticine, color paper and color cardboards, sketchbooks, pasteboards and other produce
  • UKRAINSKY PAPIR, Trade Industrial Group, Ukraine – domestic manufacturer of offset and special paper rolls for teletypes, copying machines, facsimiles
  • UKRBLANK, Ukraine – manufacture of accounting forms and books on the offset, newspaper and carbonless paper
  • UKRBOARDS TM, Ukraine – manufacture and sale of presentation equipment
  • UNISON TM, Ukraine – school and office stationery, sets for children's creativity, etc.
  • VITEL-T, Ukraine – wholesale of school and office stationery, notebooks, souvenirs, etc.





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