About exhibition

Statistics 2010


Total fair space 2674 sq.m.
Exhibition space 1303 sq.m.
Total number of exhibitors 96
Geography of exhibitors Belarus, India, Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine
Number of visitors who filled in the registration form 3017
Distribution of visitors according to regions
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 36,74%
Central Region   17,45%
Eastern Region 16,65%
Western Region   13,23%
Southern Region 11,72%
Foreign 4,21%
Position structure of visitors
Owner / Top directors 54,07%
Manager 27,31%
Middle level personnel 17,53%
Others 1,09%



  • ABC Office LTD, Ukraine - leader of the Ukrainian presentation equipment market
  • АDEL KALEMCILIK TICARET VE SANAYI A.S., TURKEY - pioneer and leader of the Turkish writing instruments industry, producing wood-cased blacklead, colour and copying pencils, ballpoint pens, fibre pens, oil pastels, wax crayons, finger paints
  • AIM, COMPANY, PE, Ukraine - wholesale supplier of CITIZEN and “CITIZEN SYSTEMS JAPAN CO., LTD” calculators
  • АКС-OPT, LTD, Ukraine - General distributor of Trade Marks SCHOLZ, CLASS, NORMA, SAFARI, 4OFFICE   in Ukraine
  • ARNIKA, COMPANY GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - manufacturer, retailer and importer of high-quality office supplies, computer accessories and cleaners for office equipment
  • ART MATERIALS OF UKRAINE, DE, Ukraine - manufacture and sale of artistic brushes, made of high-quality natural hair
  • ART-SCRYNYA, LTD, Ukraine - materials for professional and beginning artists, goods for development of creative abilities of the child, paper for drawing and sketching
  • ASTREYA XXI, Ukraine - official representative of TM ASSISTANT
  • AVIAL, Ukraine - expendable materials
  • BADEN-PROJECT, LTD – supplier of office and trade equipment
  • BALABAY, PE, EVROPRINT, Ukraine - materials for artists, haberdashery for children and paper goods
  • BEDJ, LTD, Ukraine - direct deliveries of office paper Data Copy, LOGIC300, LOGIC500, LOGIC IMAGE (M-Real) on the territory of Ukraine
  • BILYK A.V., PE, Ukraine - supply and sale of school pencil-cases, globes and other stationery, manufactured in Poland
  • BRISK, Advertising and Polygraphic Agency, LTD, Ukraine - producer of paper and stationary products
  • BUREAU-CRAT, LTD, Ukraine - exclusive distributor and importer of writing instruments, office instruments, diaries
  • BUVARD, Ukraine - manufacture and wholesale of leather accessories, folders, brief cases, etc.
  • CENTRUM International, LLC, Latvia - stationery office and school accessories, manufactured by German trade house (Hamburg)
  • CHASPIK, Company, PE, Ukraine - suppliers of stationery, business accessories and souvenirs
  • CHERNAYA RECHKA-UKRAINA, LTD, Ukraine - distribution of products for artists, hobby and creative work
  • COMFORTFIX, Ukraine - clips and self-adhesive circle-tapes
  • Dobryj, TM, Ukraine - paper produce of own manufacture for school and office
  • DOVIDNYK SEKRETARYA TA OFIS-MENEDZHERA, Magazine, LTD, Ukraine - comprehensive magazine for personal assistants, office managers, secretaries and clerks
  • DREAMS COME TRUE!, LTD, Ukraine - production of high quality modern school-books in Ukraine
  • E.V.S., Ukraine - wholesale retail trade of gift and souvenir production
  • EXPOHOLDING, LTD, Russia - powerful business tool that gives an opportunity to present your firm and receive necessary information about aircraft market 24 hours per day
  • FENIKS-S, Traiding Firm, LTD, Ukraine - wholesale and retail trade of office, school and professional art goods, also exclusive written accessories
  • FOLIANT, PE, Ukraine - business diaries and accessories, congratulatory folders, gift editions of belles-lettres, folders for hotels and restaurants
  • Form S, LTD, Ukraine - wholesale of school and office commodities
  • GRAFIKA, LTD, Ukraine - production of exercise books, notebooks, paper products for office and school
  • IAPP, International Association of Promotional Products, Russia - supports the growth and professionalism of promotional suppliers and contends to educate and reinforce the end buyer and the industry as a whole
  • IMPORT-OFFICE, LTD, Ukraine - wholesale of stationary for office and school
  • INSTITUTE of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, CJSC, Ukraine - leading enterprise of the cartographical field
  • IPSA Specialty Advertising, LTD, Russia - union of companies that work at the market of advertising and souvenir production, promotion articles, business gifts
  • K&P LTD, LLC, Ukraine - stationery, cardboard and paper wares production and trade
  • KANCBAZAR.RU, Russia - electronic shop of office supplies, stationery and gift stores for rent
  • KANCELYARSKI SPRAVY, Ukraine – specialized edition
  • KARTOGRAPHIA, State Scientific-Production Enterprise, Ukraine - leading cartographic publishing house of Ukraine
  • KOLENKOR, TM, Ukraine - production of school and office stationery
  • KOVALCHUK, PE, Ukraine - wholesale trade of stationery goods for school
  • KOZLOV V.Y., PE, Ukraine - producer of stationery goods
  • KREDO, Publishing book-trading center, LTD, Ukrainemanufacture of goods for baby creative activity "Charivni nogicy", calendars, plannings
  • LAZURIT SC, PE, Ukraine - produces more than 100 items of painting materialsartists oil, acrylic paints, dry pigments, varnishes, oils
  • LOKSI OPT, LTD, Ukraine - office goods wholesale and retail trade
  • LUX OPT, PE, Ukraine - wholesale of calculators, office and desktop clocks, lamps and various souvenir production
  • LUX-COLOR, TM, Ukraine - production of water-color and gouache paints, crayons (white and color), bookholders, etc.
  • MAESTRO COLORE, Ukraine - wholesale and retail trade of art materials from leading manufacturers
  • MAISTER FILE, PE, Ukraine - stationary glossy files
  • MAN / KOROLEVSTVO PODARKOV, Ukraine - production of puzzles, greeting cards, etc.
  • MANDARIN, Company, LLC, Ukraine - stationery wholesale trade
  • MEDIA-PRO, LTD, Ukraine - information and professional consultations
  • MOBUS.COM, Internet-edition, Ukraine - news about politics, economics, culture, automobile market and high-tech, leisure, full spectrum of regional news, video and photo reports
  • Odessa-OPT, Ukraine - wholesale company specializing in stationery & children goods
  • OFFICE FILE, Magazine, Russia  - professional magazine on goods for office, goods for creative work and stationery industry
  • OFFICE PRO, LTD, Ukraine - office servicing
  • OFFICEMART.RU, Internet portal, Russia - first multilevel catalogue of companies and, at the same time, informational and analytical resource, covering all office subjects
  • OSNOVA, Publishing group, LTD, Ukraine - publishing and distribution of educational and developmental literature for parents and children
  • PALITRA COMPANY LTD, Ukraine - distributive sale of stationery, manufactured by Polish and  Korean producers
  • PaperHOUSE, LTD, Ukraine - wide range of specially selected stationery that consists of fine arts production
  • PAPIRUS, Group of companies, Ukraine - production of film and paper for manufacture of wide range of office stationery (folders, files, clear holders, etc.)
  • PERSPECTIVE, JSC, Ukraine - domestic producer of stationery goods
  • PODYLLYA, Publishing House, LTD, Ukraine - supplies Ukrainian market with high quality and competitive stationery production
  • POLIMER, PE, Ukraine - production and realization of covers for textbooks, notebooks, diaries, class magazines, etc.
  • Polymer, PE, Ukraine – manufacture of polymeric produce
  • RANOK VISUAL AIDS, PE, Ukraine - sets of posters for elementary and high school, demonstrational and dynamic materials, handouts
  • RANOK, Publishing House, LTD, Ukraine - national leader in publishing and distribution of printed production for children and teenagers, as well as for their parents and teachers
  • RANOK-CREATIVE, Ukraine - developmental games for home and kindergarten (puzzles, meccanoes, games, stencils, puzzles on magnets)
  • RAYDUGA TRADE, Ltd. / GAMMA, TM, Ukraine - leading Ukrainian producer of real water-colour and gouache paints, plasticine, developmental games and child's blocks
  • RECTIME CO., LTD, Ukraine - wholesale of calculators, Brilliant electronic dictionaries, wall and table clocks and also clocks for putting corporate symbols on clock dial
  • ROMUS-POLIGRAF, LTD, Ukraine – manufacture and sale of bookkeeper's forms and books, notebook and other paper production, office and colour paper, stationery for office
  • ROSA, Сompany, PE, Ukraine - distributor of widest assortment of materials for hobby
  • S.S.B. METAL WORKS, PF, India - manufacture of Plastic/Metal/Semi metal pens
  • SEGMENT.RU, LTD, Russia special-purpose B2B Portal for office market experts
  • SEM, Company, LTD, Representative office of “ELLAS Company”, Ukraine - manufacture and distribution of advertising, souvenir and gift production and stationery
  • SHIVSHAKTI PLASTIC INDUSTRIES, India - Manufacturer and Exporter of Montex brand (writing instruments and stationery products)
  • SHKOLYARYK, Publishing House, LTD, Ukraine – manufacture of notebooks
  • SKAT, PE, Ukraine - manufacture of paper and stationery production, polygraphic services
  • SKS SERVICE GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - production of premium class diaries
  • STUDIYA MARKO, Ukraine - publishing of periodicals, calendars and postcards, poligraphic services
  • TAIS-E, LTD, Ukraine - Canon calculators, translators, organizers, Brilliant calculators
  • TALАNT, Ukraine - childrens books publishing
  • TASCOM®, Ukraine - polymeric films production: covers for notebooks, textbooks, diaries, atlases, etc.
  • TETRADA, LTD, Ukraine - gouache, plasticine, colour paper and colour cardboards, sketchbooks, pasteboards and other produce
  • TETRADA-VOSTOC, PE, Ukraine - stationery
  • TOP, Company, PE, Ukraine - importer and producer of office and school stationery
  • TREK, PE, Ukraine - wholesale and retail trade of materials for artists and designers
  • UE PAPER MILL OF GOZNAK, Belarus -envelopes and bags, manufacture of paper, paper production
  • UKRAINSKY PAPIR, Trade Industrial Group, LTD, Ukraine - domestic manufacturer of offset and special paper rolls for teletypes, copying machines, facsimiles
  • UNICO INTERNATIONAL, LTD, Ukraine - General trading. Export. Import.
  • UNISOFT, PE, Ukraine- polygraphic services and manufacture of stationery production
  • UNISON, TM, Ukraine - Wholesale and retail trade of stationery for office and school, computer accessories
  • VITEL, COMPANY, Ukraine - wholesale of stationery for school and office, notebook articles, photo goods, souvenirs and New Year decorations
  • VIVAT, Company, Ukraine – distributor of office and school stationery
  • VORONOV O.G., РЕ, Ukraine -  packing of label tapes and price label rolls
  • WALLABY, TM, Ukraine - national producer of fancy leather goods
  • ZAMORSKIE PODARKI, Ukraine - leading importer of souvenir and gift production and goods from China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan





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