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Statistics 2008


Total Trade Fair area 4473 sqm.
Trade Fair area 2447,5 sqm.
Number of participants 126 companies
- domestic participants
113 companies
- foreign participants 13 companies (from Byelorussia, India, Spain, Korea, Poland, Russia and Turkey)
Number visitors who filled in the registration form (including via Internet) 5127 visotors
Position of the visitors:
Owner / Top directors 55,96
Manager 26,40
Middle level personnel 15,03
Other 2,61



  • A-B-C OFFICE, Ukraine – presentation equipment
  • ABC SERVICE, Ukraine – paper-clean wares
  • AIM, Ukraine – the Ukrainian representative and distributor of Japanese company "CITIZEN SYSTEMS JAPAN CO., LTD."
  • AKC-OPT, Ukraine –  accessories, stationery, souvenirs, New-Year decorations 
  • ALBATROS, Russia – producers and suppliers of artistic materials
  • ANAND INTERNATIONAL, India – manufacturing & export of plastic & metal ball pens
  • ANKOR, Ukraine – postpolygraphic equipment, office and presentation equipment, equipment for producing of advertising and souvenir products
  • APELSIN, Ukraine – producing, wholesale and retail sale of stationery. Paper-clean products under ТМ "АПЕЛЬСИН" 
  • ARNIKA, Ukraine – importer and manufacturer of high quality stationary and computer accessories
  • ART HOUSE DESIGN, the Netherland – supplier of designs for the stationery and paper products industry 
  • ART MATERIALS, Russia – artistic brushes from high-quality natural hair
  • ART-SKRYNYA, Ukraine – materials for the professional and beginning artists, paper for drawing and plotting, design and manual job
  • ASTREYA-XXI, Ukraine – calculators, pocket electronic translators and pocket-books, mini weather stations, etc. 
  • BADEN-PROJECT, Ukraine – laminating machinery and expense materials of industrial and office capacity
  • BALABAY, Ukraine – haberdashery products, incl. school assortment 
  • BELKANTON, Ukraine – exclusive distributor of Pentel and Kangaro ТМ in Ukraine
  • BEST-PRINT, Ukraine – office and polygraph equipment
  • BLITZPROM, Ukraine – advertising and souvenir production, POS-materials
  • BOLINNI ТМ, Ukraine – leather accessories wholesale
  • BRISK, Ukraine – paper and stationery products
  • BUREAU-CRATE, Ukraine – writing accessories ТМ Senator, Rou Bill and Lamy, office instruments Laco, Tarifold, Maped, diaries Basis; distributor of ТМ Edding, Staedtler, Durable, HansaWerke, Trober, Inspirion 
  • BUTUN-UKRAINE, Ukraine – leather small wares and accessories wholesale
  • BYKOVETS Y.S., Ukraine – distributor of ТМ "BIC" (writing accessories), exclusive representative of ТМ "Schwan-STABILO" in Kiev; CD/CDRW, DVDR/DVDRW, USB-Flash, sale
  • CHASPIK, Ukraine – stationery, business accessories and souvenirs
  • CHERNAYA RECHKA - UKRAINE, Ukraine – distribution: Nerchau, Fabriano, Kreul, Italplastic, Noris, Oppek, Viva, MARIANNE HOBBY. Art and decorative materials, materials for graphic arts, aerography, canvas wholesale and retail trade
  • COLOP UKRAINE, Ukraine – wholesale of stamp products
  • COMPANY "TOP", Ukraine – producing and selling of school and office stationery
  • CONFORMSTYLE UKRAINE, Ukraine – souvenir products, diaries, calendars 
  • DELTA NIK, Ukraine – goods for children’s creative work
  • DENDI-IMPEKS, Ukraine – import, distribution and wholesales of production of leading world brands: Uni Mitsubishi Pencil, Rapid, Staedtler, Durable and others
  • DESIGN TRADING ("A.F.D."), Ukraine – polygraph and bank equipment, office equipment, shredders, etc. 
  • DEVAROS, Ukraine – stationery and paper-clean products, business and computers accessories, souvenir products 
  • DEVILON, Ukraine – stationery, expendable materials for office equipment; New Year's decorations 
  • DIOTERMIX, Ukraine – fax and cash register rolls, ATM rolls
  • DOBRYJ ТМ, Ukraine – paper products our own production for school and office
  • DOMBROVSKI / KOLENKOR, Ukraine – school and office stationery & paper products
  • ECODREVO, Ukraine – goods for artists and students 
  • ELTIS UKRAINE STATIONERY, Ukraine – trade representative of ТМ Bantex, Rexel, Stilolinea, NOBO, Kensington
  • EVRIKART, Ukraine – stationery wholesale 
  • FENIKS-S, Ukraine – office, school and professional art goods, and also exclusive written accessories
  • FOLDER, Ukraine – paper products 
  • FOLIANT, Ukraine – elite business and gift-souvenir products from natural leather
  • Form S, Ukraine – school and office commodities wholesale
  • GEM PROMOTION FISHER UKRAINE LITE AND SUOND, Ukraine – business diaries ТМ GEM Promotion 
  • GERA, Ukraine – selling and support manning of marking electronic trade equipment produced by the leading world manufacturers
  • HARD PLUS, Ukraine – consumables for office equipment
  • IMPEX Т, Ukraine – souvenir products, table sets 
  • IMPORT – OFFICE, Ukraine – wholesale of stationery for office and school
  • INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – wall and folding maps, maps of motorways, spacephotomaps and spacephotoatlases, CD-atlases, globes
  • INTERMIR, Ukraine – goods for artists and students
  • INTERPAP TG, Ukraine – paper products 
  • IVMAN, Ukraine – souvenir products in assortment 
  • KANCELYARSKI SPRAVY, Ukraine – specialized edition 
  • KANTSTOVARYSH, Ukraine – specialized edition
  • KAPRI, Ukraine – official distributor of "3М" and "Imation"
  • KIEV-TECHNOINFORM, Ukraine – stationery and paper for office
  • KIP Ltd., Ukraine – stationery for office and school, cardboard and paper, plastic products 
  • KNYZHKOVY KHMAROCHOS, Ukraine – publishing and book-selling activities
  • KOMPANY SKAT, Ukraine – school and office paper products, fancy bags, printing services
  • KOMPASS, Ukraine – international information system 
  • KONVI TH, Ukraine – envelope pocket and bag factory
  • KOROLIVSTVO PODARUNKIV, Ukraine – producing and selling of puzzles, greeting postcards, gift package
  • KOSINOV M.I. / TASCOM®, Ukraine – manufacturing of wares, made of polymeric films 
  • KOZLOV V.Y., Ukraine – producing of stationery
  • KRESKA POLAND, Poland – manufacturer of paper school and office products
  • KRISTAL / TH "KantzOptTorg", Ukraine – office paper, color paper, writing accessories, stickers, etc. 
  • LIDER-KANZ, Ukraine – official distributor of ТМ "Cello" (India), "Retype" (Malaysia), "Perform" (India), "Memoris-Precious" (China); souvenir products ТМ "Remon Collection" (France), "Дe Cambridge" (Germany), "Salony" (Italy) 
  • LIDIYA, Ukraine – stationery and souvenir commodities of such trade marks, as D&P and BRASSER
  • LOKSI OPT, Ukraine – stationery. Official representative of ТМ Zebra, Flair, Stanger, Rudi Kellner, Fibracolor, Perfecta, Professional, Helit, Segno, Dema, ТМ АСТ and ТМ Factis 
  • LUCH, Russia – watercolours, gouache, modelling clay and other materials for children’s creative work
  • LUX-COLOR, Ukraine – water-color and gouache paints, bookholders, boards for plasticine, color cardboard, etc. Stationery of such brands as AIHAO, JosefOtten, Tianjiao, Beifa, Winning wholesale
  • MACRO PLUS, Ukraine – exclusive business accessories, business gifts 
  • MAESTRO COLORE, Ukraine – trade of art materials from leading manufacturers
  • MAKROINTER, Ukraine – exclusive representative of OPTEX GMBH. Products for office and school, products for "picnic time" 
  • MANDARIN Company, Ukraine – writing-books, school diaries, books writing, notebooks
  • MARINEL / DNIPROPETROVS'K PAPER MILL, Ukraine – paper and paper products
  • METIGO, Poland – markers, ball pens, etc. 
  • MITSAR, Ukraine – paper-clean products, plasticine, water-colour and gouache paintings
  • ODION, Ukraine – large choice of self-inking stamps of the TM WAGRAF, machinery and consumables for stamp-makers
  • OFFICEMART.ru, Russia – multilevel catalogue of companies and at the same time an information-analytical resource covering all office subjects 
  • OPTEXPRESS, Ukraine – office assortment accessories. ТМ 3M, Novus, Esselte, Durable, Carioca, INFONotes, Falken, Alco Stanger, Universal 
  • PALITRA, Ukraine – stationery (ТМ Granit, Dong-A, Dual, Penmate, Mungyo, Biurfol) 
  • PAPER MILL of Goznak, Byelorussia – paper-clean products manufacturing. Envelopes, bags, notebooks, etc. 
  • PAPER SNAKE – OPT, Ukraine – polygraph products, office accessories, ad technologies, expendable materials, etc. 
  • PaperHOUSE, Ukraine – artistic materials, creative and hobby materials, goods for office 
  • PAPYRUS, Ukraine – wide assortment of stationery, goods for school and office 
  • PEN LINE, Ukraine – stationery and school assortment products 
  • PERSPECTIVE, Ukraine – stationery of ТМ iTEM, АРХІВО, ECOlinе; exclusive importer of stationery under TM PAPER MATE, LUXOR, EISEN, DYMO, ROLODEX 
  • PODYLLYA, Ukraine – producing of writing-books and other polygraph products 
  • POLIMER, PE, Ukraine – producer of polymeric products: coverings with double relief seam for textbooks, datebooks, notebooks, etc., also folders and pencil-cases
  • POLIMER, SPE, Ukraine – stationery for school, covers for textbooks, packing 
  • POLOTNYANO-ZAVODSKA PAPEROVA FABRYKA / KREDO, Russia / Ukraine – school notebooks
  • POLYGRAPHIST, Ukraine – paper stationary products: school assortment and business line
  • PRINTING SYSTEMS, Ukraine – supplier of equipment, expendable materials and components for printing and packing industry
  • PROFINDUSTRIYA-UK, Ukraine – official distributor of bank and office equipment "PRO"
  • RANOK – CREATIVE, Ukraine – high-quality products for children from 1 year old
  • RANOK – VISUAL AIDS, Ukraine – visual aids, methodological aids, demonstration materials, workbooks
  • RANOK, PUBLISHING HOUSE, Ukraine – publishing and distributing printed works for children
  • RAYDUGA TRADE / GAMMA ТМ, Ukraine – water-colour and gouache paints, plasticine, developing games and child's blocks
  • RECTIME, Ukraine – calculators CITIZEN and Canon, wrist-watch and clocks Kronos and clocks, which are made with the target to print company signs on its dial
  • ROMUS-POLYGRAPH, Ukraine – paper products, office stationery, paper and films for ink-jet and laser printing 
  • ROSA COMPANY, Ukraine – assortment of good for professional artists, designers, graphic artist, sculptors, ad man, and also for creation and hobby
  • ROTOMAC PENS Pvt. Ltd., India – manufacturer & exporter of ball pen, gel pen, markers and metal body pens 
  • SAKVOJAZH, Ukraine – printing; postcards, calendars, invitations, etc. Hand-made postcards
  • SAMEX, Ukraine – materials for writing and drawing; plastic and paper products; desk accessories, stationery and stamp office materials; goods for school and hobby, souvenirs
  • SECRETAR-REFERENT, Ukraine – specialized edition 
  • SEGMENT.ru, Russia – specialized Internet-portal: stationery and office accessories market 
  • SLAVNIK, Ukraine – business leather accessories 
  • STAMM, Russia – plastic products for office and school 
  • TAIS-E, Ukraine – calculators (Citizen, Brilliant);  translators (Brilliant); wall and table clocks (Kronos);  power supply elements, accumulators, lanterns (Energizer, Duracell, Космос); stationery (BIC) 
  • TALANT, PUBLISHNG HOUSE, Ukraine – children's literature 
  • TETRADA, Ukraine – notebooks, notebooks for drawing, colored paper and cardboards, water-colors, gouache
  • TONY PEROTTI, Ukraine – TONY PEROTTI high quality leather accessories 
  • TOP-SERVICE, Ukraine – souvenirs and stationery 
  • TREK, Ukraine – materials for artists and designers 
  • TRODAT-Ukraine, Ukraine – official representative of Austrian company "Trodat" which is the biggest in the world automatic stamp ware manufacturer
  • UKRAINSKY PAPIR, Ukraine – goods from offset and special papers for tape-machines, printers and faxing appliances
  • UKR-PRINT.net, Ukraine – information Internet-source: polygraph and printing in Ukraine 
  • USON ТМ, Ukraine – stationery for office and school, gift stationery, ad-souvenir products 
  • VITEL, Ukraine – stationery for school and office, notebook products, photo-wares, souvenirs and New Year's decorations 
  • VIVAT Company, Ukraine – stationery for school and office 
  • VORONOV O.G., Ukraine – packing of label tapes and price label rolls
  • WHASHIN INDUSTRIAL CO., Korea – paper file fasteners, staplers, staples, cutters and cutter blades, punches
  • WORLD OF GIFTS ™, Ukraine – sale and retail trade of wide assortment of gift wares and souvenirs
  • YELLOW PAGES of Ukraine, Ukraine – reference books 
  • ZODIAK, Ukraine – toys and goods for creative work






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