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List of Participants 2018

  • 2×3 UKRAINE, Ukraine – presentation equipment, marketing displays
  • ABC OFFICE, Ukraine – manufacture and sales of presentation equipment
  • AIM, Company, Ukraine – wholesale supplier of calculators
  • AKC TRADE, Ukraine – exclusive representative of Scholz, Class, Norma, 4Office, Safari, WINpens, Umka, Barvinok TM; official distributor of Centropen TM in Ukraine
  • ALPHAPLAST-UKRAINE, Ukraine – manufacture of ball-point pens and refills
  • ANKOR DA, Ukraine – supply of after printing and office equipment
  • APELSIN, Ukraine – manufacture of, wholesale and retail trade in school and office stationery
  • ARKUSH TM, Ukraine – wholesale of stationery and paper products for school and office
  • ARNIKA, Ukraine – manufacture, import and sales of office supplies and computer accessories
  • ART-EXPRESS UKRAINE, Ukraine – manufacture and distribution of creative materials, art and hobby sets
  • BILYK A. V., Ukraine – wholesale supplies and sales of stationery
  • BRISK, APA, Ukraine – manufacture of paper products
  • BRUNNEN, Ukraine – distribution of stationery and packing
  • BUROCRAT UKRAINE, Ukraine – supplys of promotional and stationery products; exclusive importer of Staedtler TM (Germany) to Ukraine
  • CENTRUM INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine – manufacture of stationery products, children’s art sets
  • COLOP, Ukraine – exclusive importer of Colop stamp products (Austria) to Ukraine, stamp manufacturer
  • EXPRESS OF LUCK, Publishing House, Ukraine – manufacture of printed products
  • FENIKS-S, Trading Firm, Ukraine – exclusive distributor of Faber-Castell (Germany); official representative of Nazareno Gabrielli TM (Italy), Pelikan TM (Germany) and Schneiders TM (Austria) in Ukraine
  • FLEXOFFICE, Ukraine – distribution of writing instruments
  • FORM S, Ukraine – wholesale of school and office statiomnery
  • IDEYKA, Ukraine – manufacture of creativity sets
  • IMPORT-OFFICE UKRAINE, Ukraine – integrated wholesale supply of stationery and office products
  • INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – the leading cartographic enterprise
  • IVMAN, Ukraine – official representative of Pierre Cardin (Italy) in Ukraine
  • KANCPORT.COM, Ukraine – specialized portal for stationery market participants
  • KANTSTOYS ACTIVE, Trading House, Ukraine – warehouse of stationery, school textiles, creative materials and art supplies, toys
  • KIRI SKETCH, Ukraine – manufacture of eco-friendly stationery products
  • KOLENKOR TM, Ukraine – manufacture of paper products
  • KOVALCHUK, Ukraine – manufacture of grade books and folders; wholesale of stationery products and souvenirs
  • KRISTAL BOOK, Ukraine – publisher of children's and applied literature
  • KS MARKET, Ukraine – writing instruments
  • LAVKA HUDOZHNIKA, Ukraine – retail chain of hobby and art supplies; exclusive distributor of Kreul, Pebeo, Darwi TM in Ukraine
  • LIDER-KANZ, Ukraine – wholesale and retail trade in office and school stationery
  • LINC PEN & PLASTICS, India – manufacture of writing instruments
  • LOKSI TH, Ukraine – wholesale and retail trade in stationery products
  • LUX COLOR, Ukraine – manufacture and wholesale of children’s art and school supplies
  • LUXON, Ukraine – manufacture of covers, files, inserts and other products
  • MALEVARO GROUP, Ukraine – wholesale of Colorino products for children’s development; CoolPack backpacks and pencil cases, etc.
  • ODESSA-OPT, Ukraine – wholesale of school and stationery products
  • OFORT COMPANY, Ukraine – manufacture and wholesale of paper products for school and office; wholesale of stamp products
  • PAPIRUS UNIVERSAL, Ukraine – production, import, export and distribution of stationery; office and school supplies; creative craft supplies; business gifts and accessories
  • PARUS PLUS, Ukraine – exclusive importer of eco-friendly office paper by Lettura TM (Germany), Nautilus TM (Austria); distributor of stamp products
  • PEGAS, Publishing House, Ukraine – children’s books
  • PERSPECTIVE-SLAVUTICH, Ukraine – manufacture of document folders, school folders, markerboards and chalkboards, chalk
  • PODILLYA, Printing House, Ukraine – manufacture of printed products for school and office
  • POZITIV, Trade Company, Ukraine – school, art and office supplies wholesaler
  • PROFIPLAN TM, Ukraine – manufacture of products for creativity, planning and self-development for adults and children
  • RAYDUGA TRADE, Ukraine – manufacture of creative materials, art and hobby supplies
  • RECTIME-VM, Ukraine – wholesale of calculators, electronic dictionaries, wall and table clocks
  • SADKOVYI VOLODYMYR, Ukraine – manufacture and sales of paper products, creative materials and art supplies
  • SAVITON, Ukraine – importer of stationery products from Europe and South Korea
  • SEPTIMA, Ukraine – children’s books, paper products, school and creative craft supplies
  • SHKOLYARYK, Publishing House, Ukraine – manufacture of notebooks and sketchbooks
  • SKAT Company, Ukraine – manufacture of paper and stationery products, printing services
  • TASCOM, Ukraine – manufacture of office and school stationery, multipurpose boxes, etc.
  • TERA TRADE, Ukraine – distributor of Herlitz and Pelikan stationery (Germany) 
  • TETRADA, Ukraine – manufacture of paper products for school and art supplies; sales of stationery products
  • TREK, Ukraine – manufacture of art and hobby supplies; official distributor of Maimeri, Fabriano, P.E.R. Belle Arti, Van Pure TM
  • TRODAT-UKRAINE, Ukraine – representative of the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic stamp products under Trodat TM
  • TSO Company, Ukraine – manufacture of presentation equipment and school furniture
  • UKRAINSKY PAPIR, Ukraine – integrated support of organizations with office goods; manufacture of check tape, printing and fax paper, self-adhesive labels, etc.
  • UKRBLANK, Ukraine – manufacture of accounting forms and books on offset, news and carbonless copy paper
  • UKRBOARDS TM, Ukraine – manufacture and sales of presentation equipment
  • VIVAT TRADING, Ukraine – distributor of office and school stationery
  • VITEL, Ukraine – wholesale of school and office stationery, notebooks, souvenirs, etc.
  • WINNER-STILE, DELUNE, Ukraine – manufacture of backpacks and knapsacks



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